Thursday, April 9, 2020

Via Dolorosa - The Way of the Cross.

Crown of thorns picture with John 3:30

This Holy Week is very different isn’t it? No public services in churches, no Way of the Cross and no Easter Mass! If you think of about it, this is probably how it was during the actual day of Jesus’ Passion. All His disciples had run away as they were scared after Jesus’s arrest. Only St John and Mother Mary followed Jesus through His Passion. They too couldn’t help Him, but they walked with Him. None of Jesus’ followers were with Him. Would you walk with Jesus as He carries the cross for you? Would you keep Him company today?

Download and print the Stations of the Cross provided in the link below.

Printable Stations of the Cross

Cut the image of the Stations out and place the the stations at different parts of your room/home/garden. You may chose to stick the stations on card stock paper or cardboard and hang it using yarn or use other types of picture holders.

Walk along the Way of the Cross with your family. One person carries a candle and lead the procession.You may chose to appoint a person to read the reflections of each Station. You can download the reflections shared here: How to do the Way of the Cross at home?

A short way of the cross for younger kids can be downloaded here: Short Way of The Cross

The Way of the Cross is the heart of the story of our Faith. This is the path we are called to follow wherever we are.

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